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  • Routine – March 2023

    Context: Post COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Everything is back to normal. I am less involved in the school. Working to become a better writer. Trying to promote my business. Still trying to get a grasp of my own mind. I weigh 62 KG. Alternating Weekday Morning Routines: Alternate 1- Workout Morning:5:55am: Wake up, changed from […]

  • Routine – Sep 2021

    Daily Routine: 5am: Wake up. Make coffee. freshen up. 5:30-6:30: Work out or Meditate 6:30-7:15: Walk 🐶 7:15-8:45: Get kids ready for school. Sometimes take them to school 8:45-9: Commute to cafe 9-10: Alone work- Write, organise notes, plan calendar 10-12: Continue work and or coaching 12-14: Lunch, chill, commute 14-16: Coaching 16-18: Spend time […]

  • Routine – August, 2020

    Context: COVID-19. School paused for a while. I have no job. EW demands nothing from me. Working to become a better writer. Trying to promote my business. Bouts with eating disorder, anxiety, depression. Elements of my routine were results of these bouts. I. weigh 63 KG, the heaviest in 10 years. Can’t fit into most […]

  • Most useless hack: Morning routines of successful people

    She wakes up at 4:30 am. After two glasses of water, she heads to the gym for a 1 hour HIIT workout and weight training. She takes a cold shower, followed by a 25 minutes mindfulness meditation. Her breakfast includes nuts, yogurt, vegetables, and coffee. She is ready to take on the world before 7 […]

  • Routine – January, 2018

    Snapshot of my life, before Chai is born. Jan 2018. Yes. I have realised I am a highly routine driven person. I need routines. (Context: working at Apple, BDM. Living in Sands Street) Why am I putting these down? I want to remember what my routines are. They will all be gone soon. Also, gifting […]

  • 2022 in Screw Ups

    2022 in Screw Ups

    Stumbling towards the meaning of life.

  • Coping with COVID and The Disruptions in 2022

    Coping with COVID and The Disruptions in 2022

    Finally, I got COVID. The symptoms were mild- a bit of sore throat, tiny bit of headache after I got out of bed, a tiny bit of coughing. That was it. Maybe this was because I was triple-vaccinated? Or perhaps the variant that hit me was kinder. During this week, I paused exercising. I stayed […]

  • Year 2021 In Random Moments

    This is the final piece to wrap up 2021- a selection of moments that defined the year: The Bandwagon of 2021 The Change of 2021 The Shittiest Shit I Said I Wouldn’t Do But Did Anyway in 2021 The Most Sudden End of 2021 The Most Shamelessly Proud Moment in 2021 The Best Investment in […]

  • What Were Steve Jobs and Hitler Doing When They Were 44?

    What Were Steve Jobs and Hitler Doing When They Were 44?

    Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in 1933 when he was 44. Jobs officially returned as the CEO of Apple at the age of 44. I am 44. The moment we existed high school, age started to become irrelevant. It was as if, at the moment of graduation, the line of age just elongated and […]

  • Break. Broken.

    I laid down the matStuck, staring at the lights, stuckBroken, thoroughly. Today I skipped my morning routine. I broke it. Or I am finally broken. My streak was probably … a couple of years long. The riddle I am trying to solve is, if I have to have breaks like this, or are there other […]