We Need to Talk About the HomePod …

“$350 for a smart speaker?!” “No, $350 for a speaker !” Is it Apple’s fault that the conversations around the HomePod are so dysfunctional? Apple introduced the HomePod as a premium speaker that makes great sound. In fact, if you go to its website, the first 4 out of 5 features are all music related. Only … Read moreWe Need to Talk About the HomePod …

Onboarding that Feels Weird

source: https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-9048acccc06a9557ecf77523d403434f-c I want to get ahead of how new hires might feel, from day 1 and beyond. How would the new hire feel? Anxious, nervous, excited, cautious, “Is this the right place for me”, “I made this significant move, and I want it to be the right one”, “Everyone is judging me and see if … Read moreOnboarding that Feels Weird

A Rhapsody: Dawn at a Wet Market

Organic pork, or so they say. They just hang them there, and I wonder, at home, why do I have them refrigerated? Probably only the French or the Japanese could rival the variety of cuts these butchers create. But no one would even come close to how romantic and poetic these cigarette smoking apron wearing … Read moreA Rhapsody: Dawn at a Wet Market

Sh💩t my daughter made me eat.

Yay! My daughter likes to cook 🥚. What I didn’t realize, was I needed to eat them all. She got to experiment however (the fxxk) she wanted with eggs, because we have been on the “positive reinforcement/you can try anything/everything tastes great” parenting bandwagon. And boy, I have literally tasted the price of unconditional love. … Read moreSh💩t my daughter made me eat.

Rock the Boat, or Strive for Balance?

Source: BBC Earth A friend had an interview with an awesome automotive startup. He also has a young kid. His current role is supremely stable. This opportunity will require him to travel 80% of his time. Established brand versus start-up; 9–6 versus 24/7; Family versus work. What should he do? To expand a bit more, his … Read moreRock the Boat, or Strive for Balance?


You are feeling useless. You are feeling unappreciated. Kylo said these emotions came from your past. Supposedly there was abandonment; the fear of lack of love. Yea. Bad soil, and so it doesn’t matter if you use raw water, the organic label will not be here. So as Will Hunting would finally understand, “It’s not … Read more🌀

Nintendo, the kid that keeps swinging.

units sold in millions Nintendo has taken some big swings. Often these swings backfired spectacularly. Sometimes, they would hit home runs. Among most game console brands, Nintendo has been by far one of the most adventurous, if not reckless. It is especially interesting to compare Nintendo with its competitions, Sony and Microsoft. Playstation and XBOX have … Read moreNintendo, the kid that keeps swinging.

The Last Jedi: A middle finger from Disney.

The Last Jedi is now THE Star Wars movie that had the most polarizing reviews between the critics and fans, yet/ever. Screenshot from https://www.rottentomatoes.com/ What is most intriguing, is witnessing how Disney managed to drag the entire company to give us this brand defining middle finger. This was more courageous than Apple’s decision to remove … Read moreThe Last Jedi: A middle finger from Disney.