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  • From NFT to DALL-E 2

    From NFT to DALL-E 2

    Last year I was obsessed with NFT. Then crypto crashed, NFTs returned to what they were – jpgs, and we all moved on. Then this year. openai made machine learning AI drawing models available to the public, and I am once again obsessed. I don’t want to be left behind. I know there are millions […]

  • Experts convinced me we will end the world. What can I do?

    Recently I came across discussions on various extinction and doomsday scenarios. Yuval Harari eloquently warned us against global warming, nuclear wars and “When Biologists meet Technologists”. He reassured us that general AI would not be a threat, because all AI needed to do, in order to manipulate us, was to merely knew us better than […]

  • The Only Way I Might Survive “AI”

    Be more like Alfred the Bulter, and less like Ke Jie the GO world champion. For a low skilled person like me, artificial intelligence, “AI”, will take my job away. I don’t have much hope, but I find thinking through how I might slow down this eventual death, a rather fun one. I started looking […]