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  • A Brain Twister That Saved A 45 Year Old First-Time Entrepreneurship

    I have been struggling. As a 45 year old first time entrepreneur, I find being on my own surprisingly difficult. I now truly know what “I am too old for this shit” feels like.  I didn’t realize how much I have gotten used to surviving and navigating in a workplace where the circumstances, context, and rules […]

  • Starting My Own Gig: First 6 Months

    Starting My Own Gig: First 6 Months

    I ended my 20-year corporate career and started my own leadership coaching gig 6 months ago. During these first 6 months, a few very courageous souls and start-ups gave me the chance to beta-testing the corporate rah-rah I have hoarded over the years. Here are few observations: 1. “High-Performance; Low Potential”: Too often we divest from […]