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  • Become a World Chef with These Just-4-Ingredients Combos

    Specifically, baked chicken that will taste Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Western (Italian or American). Clearly this is just for experiencing the taste of these countries. Chicken is chosen because it tastes … nothing, and it’s very easy to not mess up. How to Make (apply to all): Wash and dry some chicken wings, or whole pieces of […]

  • What I was thinking while eating a Beyond Burger …

    Omnipork Balls: Source: https://www.timeout.com/hong-kong/restaurants/kind-kitchen-by-green-common I finally went to Kind Kitchen by Green Common, a restaurant in Hong Kong that serves only plant-based food. It serves dishes like cucumber spaghetti salad with avocado and JUST scrambled eggs, Omnipork “meatless” balls, the Beyond Burger and more (their menu). The food was tasty, I admire their mission, but […]

  • Sh💩t my daughter made me eat.

    Yay! My daughter likes to cook 🥚. What I didn’t realize, was I needed to eat them all. She got to experiment however (the fxxk) she wanted with eggs, because we have been on the “positive reinforcement/you can try anything/everything tastes great” parenting bandwagon. And boy, I have literally tasted the price of unconditional love. […]