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  • Can Humility Be Worked On? Yes, Kind of.

    “The Value of Not Knowing.” https://www.flickr.com/photos/n0r/276318217/in/album-72157594467105582/ Being genuinely humble is such a common challenge. I see that especially in highly capable founders and managers that I get to work with. I tried to be humble too because humility was such a sparkly clean and powerful virtue: A humble leader liberates the team by personally welcoming…

  • 3 Exotic Chinese Tattoo Designs for Business Professionals

    https://www.sadanduseless.com/asian-tattoo-fails/ Your secret leadership superpowers emblems underneath your hoodies and athleisure wear. The exotic things I desire are usually things from far away places, things that sound obscure, and things that I actually am utterly clueless about:Tacos de Sesos, Dieter Rams’ Tape Recorder, and Turkish Hammams. A male lathering another male in a Hammams. The same…

  • 講古佬? 旁述員?Narrator? Storyteller?