The Churchillian Drift

We are suckers to smart sounding famous quotes that are fake “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” Gandhi. It’s empowering when Gandhi reassured my insignificance could make a difference in this vast universe. “WE HAVE TWO LIVES, AND THE SECOND BEGINS WHEN WE REALIZE WE ONLY HAVE ONE.” Confucius. This woke me up, … Read moreThe Churchillian Drift

Stop wasting your time on life hacks Hack this instead. There are so many life hacks out there: morning routines, brushing with your opposite hand, intermittent fasting, swallow a live frog … One trait about all life hacks (or hacks in general), is that they are meant to save you time by offering you “secret” hidden guilty-free shortcuts. While some of these … Read moreStop wasting your time on life hacks