Tag: Mid Life Crisis

  • Life’s nasty mud wrestling battles

    The single most persistent struggle during the past 20+ years of my corporate life, was the battle of time spent: How am I managing my time? Am I spending my time meaningfully? How can I find more time to spend to do X? Or frankly, more often than not, it was just this occasional and […]

  • The Bruises from Being a Corporate Man for 20 Years

    The Bruises from Being a Corporate Man for 20 Years

    I have been a corporate person my entire life. Recently I had interactions with the real world. Those experiences unearthed bruises all over me. My ability to “don’t give a fuck” is artificially inflated. I thought I was thick skin. I spoke my mind. I didn’t care too much about how people thought of me. […]

  • The Taste of Mid Life Crisis.

    I saw my middle-aged self when I interviewed another middle-aged person, it’s deflating. I had an interview yesterday, and I am a little bit surprised by how I felt about it afterwards. I have been thinking about the experience a lot. I think this was because of the way he behaved was so representative of […]