Tag: Midlife Crisis

  • Why I left Apple. Why I am trying to leave Work.

    I wanted to stop rationalising. I couldn’t square the dilemma. I was sick of the wrestling. The value of I was doing, from selling shoes to selling phones, needed more rationalisation than I could stomach. The “rationalized” values were at least “one order” away from what I was actually doing daily: Selling iPhones:{1st Order Impact} […]

  • Attunement: From 靖 to 齊

    Attunement: From 靖 to 齊 My own pep talk before a 10 day silent meditation retreat. I am anxious. I am worried if I would sleep well, if I would lose my muscle mass, if I would lose my shit, if I would quit early. I want to achieve too much: something closer to enlightenment, […]