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  • What I was thinking while eating a Beyond Burger …

    Omnipork Balls: Source: https://www.timeout.com/hong-kong/restaurants/kind-kitchen-by-green-common I finally went to Kind Kitchen by Green Common, a restaurant in Hong Kong that serves only plant-based food. It serves dishes like cucumber spaghetti salad with avocado and JUST scrambled eggs, Omnipork “meatless” balls, the Beyond Burger and more (their menu). The food was tasty, I admire their mission, but […]

  • Gluten-free Humility?!

    I think vulnerability and empathy are the gluten-free and organic fads of the business world: “I eat gluten-free therefore I am sophisticatedly healthy.” “I am humble therefore I am a thoughtful leader.” And everyday, I am constantly faced with situations where I had to choose amongst being a dick, or being empathetic (?), or be […]