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    When math dominated philosophy-> Descartes, Pascal; When psychology dominated philosophy-> Hume, Kant; When biology dominated philosophy-> Nietzcshe, Schelling; When investing dominated philosophy-> Munger, @naval Original Passage: “As mathematics had dominated philosophy in the seventeenth century, giving to the world Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Leibnitz and Pascal; and as psychology had written philosophy in Berkeley and Hume […]

  • When the Buddha meets Seneca

    I love Michael Pollan’s work on food. He polished his observations throughout his books, and summarized his thoughts on eating into 7 words: “Eat food, not so much, mostly plants.” I have been jumping around philosophies, from Stoicism to JonyIve-ism. Inspired by Pollan, I have arrived at 10 words that represent the current state of […]