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  • Plugging Back Into The Matrix

    I whined about why I stopped using Blinkist. I am about to use it again. The main reason why I am ready to give it another go is because in the ~2 years since I last used it, I have gotten better at summarising, taking notes, and turning those notes into meaningful ingredients. I have…

  • Blog as of Jan, 2021

    Blog as of Jan, 2021

    This is the current layout. I like it a lot. It’s useful because it visually represents my thoughts and emotions. It helps me remember. What changed was I added the posted date and the excerpts, and I organised it in a block format. This allowed me to glance at everything more easily. After all, this…

  • A Writing App Idea 📝

    I am trying to find my perfect writing tool. I need it to be in block format, similar to the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. I love how blocks work. They are flexible and best of all, they organised my thoughts visually. I need a way to tag by paragraph and by highlights, in addition to…

  • Writer’s Block

    When I hit the wallif I just sit down and writethere will be no wall