that’s why

nike+. it is all over the place. when it was announced internally a couple weeks back, people in the office weren’t too thrilled about it. well, that’s because 1 most people in my office don’t run/workout and 2 they haven’t seen the power of our branding/marketing team.

in just a few days, it is everywhere on the net, in the news, and my team is now concerned that customers would be looking for it when HK won’t have it until next year.

Lance Armstrong’s personal training program? Ronaldo’s fav songs (He is way too fat to convince me that he works out regularly)? haha. i personally like it. because it is about innovation. It is probably just a more expensive and fancy option of a pedometer, or just another nike gimmick that doesn’t really do anything ( remember the whistle they put in the female running shoe, and the big S.O.S. flag that could be unfold from the snowboarder’s bag?). However, it is stirring up noise in the market, and as the book tipping point said, Nike’s branding machine is tracking the maverns and salesmen to make this another big thing for this year. whether it is going to be super huge or not, i don’t really care (apart from the fact that i have to try to sell as many running shoes as possible while the heat lasts), but this innovation, ingenius collaboration (my two fav brands. ๐Ÿ˜› so cheesy. ), and branding marketing
reminds me of the reason why I like Nike in the first place.

*note, people, don’t worry, next year, the team will be spending money on the marketing of this gadget again. the heat will die down a bit, but i am sure it will be just as popular when it is launched next year in hk.