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  • Truck 2.0

    Truck 2.0

    Setting aside your feelings about Musk and the looks of the Cybertruck, this truck seems to be truly revolutionary. The Cybertruck is the real Truck 2.0. “The Ford F-150 Lightning is a genuinely great vehicle, but it’s nothing more than an electric take on a 70-year-old design. The R1T is one step ahead. What Rivian…

  • 2023 in Podcasts

    2023 in Podcasts

    Fun stats, trends, my idols in the podcasting universe, my answer to the question “Should you create a podcast,” and top episodes

  • The Colors of Modernity: Delft, Amsterdam, Nice

    The Colors of Modernity: Delft, Amsterdam, Nice

    We just finished our trip to the Netherlands, where we stayed in Amsterdam and Delft. The country was a great blend of history, modernity, civility, and intuitiveness. The cities, often wreathed in damped cannabis smoke, were aged, clean, and well-organized. Most places, including the open air weekend markets, accepted Apple Pay. The transportation system, with…

  • Are NFTs Done?

    “Whatever, I hear?” I get it. Everyone has moved on. We are all staring at the shiny new thing- AI, ChatGPT, GPT-4 … But blockchain is not dead. It’s in the trenches now. What happens when things are in the trenches? 2000- the dot com bubble bursted. I was there. The hype disappeared instantly. Naked…

  • Why Tough Love Bosses Win?

    Why Tough Love Bosses Win?

    There is this Cantonese saying which says, “反轉豬肚就是💩“, (the underbelly of a pig is poop …) I find this to be a very common reaction from people towards managers giving candid feedback, with one interesting exception. Have you ever had a “tough love” kind of boss? Do you remember how they made you feel? One…

  • 2022 in Top 10 Tools

    2022 in Top 10 Tools This is a tool that lets you manage projects, make documents, spreadsheets, organise data, and collaborate. I like it because it makes decent looking PDFs. I use it to make proposals, invoices, etc., for my clients. I use it for my coaching work, for projects at our school, and to document personal stuff. In…

  • 2022 in Books

    2022 in Books

    STATS: 22 books15 Audiobooks1 Kindle books6 Real books4 unfinished books2x: The speed I listened to audiobooksF: Diversity Score THEMES: Our world, China, Past, Present, FutureStories Of (mostly) Famous PeopleLiving, DyingManga & ComicsBusinessWriters writing about writing BOOK OF THE YEAR: Whole Earth: The Many Lives of Stewart Brand by John Markoff LESSONS OF THE YEAR: Your…

  • 2022 in 22 Random Lessons

    1. Kids need boundaries, and announcing them sternly (aka raising your voice without losing your shit) is clarity for them 2. To make crispier egg waffles, add beer 3. In life so many things are charging at you – mean boys, perfectionism, clean eating, neighbors’ dogs 4. Oh, and buy insurance that covers dog bite…

  • 2022 in Podcasts

    2022 in Podcasts

    Fun stats, trends, my idols in the podcasting universe, my answer to the question “Should you create a podcast,” and top episodes

  • 10 Years of Meditating

    I started meditating in 2012, when Headspace was launched. What are the useful things that I’ve gotten out of doing something for 10 years? Throughout this time, I tried all kinds of apps, such as Insight Timer, Calm, Ten Percent Happier, Waking Up, Oak. I went to a 10 day silent retreat, virtual retreats, even in-app retreats. I experienced Vipassana, Metta,…