Month: June 2008

  • Türkiye!!

    We were there, screaming “Türkiye!! Türkiye!!” with the locals. Truly a great experience and I lost my voice…. highlights

  • The Great Escape

    Finally, another long break. This time it’s Athens and Istanbul. Can’t wait to get away from the craziness. I have been to Turkey before, and the Hagia Sophia is just like those buildings in “Star Wars”. Feel bad for the team, but at the same time I really don’t give a shit about anything other…

  • what is love

    This might sound very corny, but yea, follow your heart, and the money will come. I have heard this so many times, but recently yet another real life encounter reminded the truth in this corny sentence. A friend of mine, a true sneakerhead, is making big waves in the sneaker world. His love of sneakers…