what is love

This might sound very corny, but yea, follow your heart, and the money will come.

I have heard this so many times, but recently yet another real life encounter reminded the truth in this corny sentence.

A friend of mine, a true sneakerhead, is making big waves in the sneaker world. His love of sneakers drove him to become one of the most influential sneakerheads in HK. He has appeared on newspapers/TV/columns/talk shows; He has run/created events that drew more people than when Pavarotti visited town. (well I have to be fair to Mr. Pavarotti though … when he visited hk, he was so old that he could only have one concert … so i guess if he made a trip to hk in his prime years, he would have drawn more people than my friend did. haha.) He, basically, is the most devoted sneakerhead of the sneaker world of HK.

and today i just learned that he has been working closely with the real deal in the sneaker world for greater good: technology that will change and benefit the overall well being of collectors, users and just the everyday joe. The way he managed to pull this off all started by his love of sneakers.

He loved them, collected them, met some people on the way, collected more, became more influential, met more people, collected even more, met even more people, etc. I don’t think he could ever imagine that when he first started collecting shoes. There was just no way in hell he could associate what he does in his real job today would somehow be benefited from his true love.

anyway, i find this very inspirational. Maybe someday I will find my love, as long as I follow my true passion. Damn, I used to dream of having a store in 好景…