Month: July 2008

  • ouch

    That ain’t right. Punks jump up. Sensitivity in the world of sports, marketing, well, anything, for that matter. It is one cool ad, but then there was just way too much room for misinterpretation/interpretation.

  • Road to Redemption

    Call it whatever you like. Call it marketing; call it commercialism; call it in your face nationalism. But I truly enjoyed the episodes. Kidd the veteran and the wisdom; Kobe the ultimate leader; Melo/Lebron/Wade the band of brothers; Williams/Kidd/CP the best backcourt in the world….

  • 柔王丸

    When I was young, I had most of the robot toys … 金剛戰神,六神合體,超時空要塞,a few transformers, 高迪安… but I loved none as much as 柔王丸. I liked it so much that I used to draw it all the time. I liked it because it was a personal small fist size robot that would go out and…

  • it’s almost here

    Beijing 2008 It’s almost here. I wrote about my thoughts when Beijing got elected as the host city back in 2001. 7 years went by just like that. In about a month’s time the Olympics will commence. I said I was going to have kids by 2008… no, not there yet. But I would never…

  • Istanbul

    Absolutely wonderful. This was my second time to Istanbul. We enjoyed the trip a lot: turkish delights, bosphorus, Hagia Sophia, the Istanbul Archeology Museum, the wonderful carpets … More Photos here