I have been looking for a new phone. All the phones out there bored me. I used to be a big fan of sliding phones. Well, just like the colors we have put on our air force 1s, the little sliding gesture is no longer appealing.

So what should I get? The iphone? nah. Everyone has it :P. For example, the entire footwear sales team has one. Nope. I am special.

So this is what I want to wait for.

(it is banana-shaped, btw)

As the title of this post suggested, this is the first phone that will run the Android OS by Google. The phone is clean and … has a keyboard. That’s good enough for me. The Android, though, is an open-platform project for the mobile devices, spearheaded by google. So, yea, that’s good enough for me as well. I want to try this new thing, and be able to download install delete use programs developed by users. I like Firefox, and I think I will like this too. I have looked at some screen shots and videos. To be honest, nothing particulaly exciting. When I first saw how the iphone worked, I was dancing on the floor naked. It was because it was new, fresh, gorgeous and apple-ish. This? Nah, not even at the same level. But that makes it even more cooool. ๐Ÿ˜› It has a widgefield (okay…), and a flickable homescreen (This … really … is nothing new anymore. The iphone was the pioneer of this. HTC tried to follow and failed miserably), a handy (and speedy) tab to pull up your apps (okay …), plus a media player, camera, and handful of other noticeable design tweaks. (zzz) So yea, nothing really spectacular so to speak, but then again, all I am imagining is the ability and flexibility that you could customize your phone the way I customize my web browser … I prefer getting the attention of people when I gesture and open a new tab to … scrolling down my contact list with a flick of a finger …

There are a few more interesting rumors ( I guess those are not rumors anymore …)about this phone. First, it only supports gmail for its push email. Analysts are concerned that business users will not like this. Er, wait, I don’t really care. Blackberry is the way to go, and on this side of the planet, it is not an uncommon thing to see people carrying a blackberry plus an iphone. Second, google will pre-install an ad application onto the device. For those who opt to use this application, there would be financial benefits … either cheaper headsets, or lower monthly fee. I am fine with this, because the way google has managed its ads on its sites are fine with me. Third, this is a biggie. The phone won’t come out until November! Ouch. Dang.