MC Jin

i heard about him when he was kicking arses in the freestyle rap battles. He was a kid from hk and he rapped in style. I liked him because I thought he had brains. his comebacks were just so witty! this was the vid i saw back then and is still my fav among all his raps. He was obviously pissed, but he remained cool (the challenger was weak though):

some of his other performances:

then recently, i came across his videos again. i hope he is doing well in hk/where ever, and all the best, my hero. this is really cool. mc jin + fama

One of his raps:

his rap on 1997. it is really cool. he has his dad in it! haha. i think his dad even tried to rap (and mixed 巴士阿叔 into it!):

More about MC Jin. He is really cool. 🙂