I found this video on the demo of the LISA, the first GUI computer that Apple came out with (before the Mac). This guy was on a show and was demo-ing the new LISA. Again you ought to remember that this was the first ever GUI business machine. So there were tonnes of breakthroughs. The mouse, the drag and drops, the dropdown menu, basically everything we take for granted today. It also had protected memory (a feature that was finally commercialised in 2001 with the Mac OS X…… can you believe it? Lisa had it), cooperative multi-tasking (windows 95 claimed that it had multitasking … but we all know that Microsoft should have put an asterisk next to the word MULTI), tonnes of expansion slots and a image based dot matrix printing function….

anyway, the video is long. and it was funny when the guy was trying to demonstrate how to do a highlight and cut action, the host said “Could you re-do it again because you did it so quickly that I have missed it”. It was just highlight and cut but she had a hard time following it. then she exclaimed again when the guy changed the font of the document. She sounded like my mom. haha.