A week to remember

Well first off, China blocked Blogger. Darn it.

I ought to write this down.

on 5.15.2009, Nike HK started the re-org process. A bunch of people got offers to move to China. Only 4 took the job. Apparently the packages were not as nice (vs the old days)….

on 5.18.2009, the second phase of the re-org started. People were called into rooms to be notified of their new roles. I was called in that day and was told I would keep my job, and would now manage HK and Taiwan. Then I learned about some of the changes in my team … title changes, job changes. I started to smell rats….

on 5.19.2009, all hell broke loose. HK laid off 30% of its staff, and China was sacking people left and right. JU, SK, SK, AI … it was brutal, and the way it was done, one by one, was just painful. Nobody really worked, gossips everywhere … fb, msn. Thank god no one was on Twitter… it would have been crazy. HK was marginalized … same for Taiwan. And then the merchandising team in China changed completely. I still have no idea what it looks like.

5.20.2009. No more surprises, but this thing has gotten to a stage where rumors are just flying around … and this one particular rumor about AC got so out of hand (apparently it spread to Global) that he had to send an email out to tell people to shut up. No work done for most people, but I decided to keep myself busy with work, coz I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.

now the next wave is going to be APHQ. My heart goes to everyone out there. Good you, y’all.