A Brain Twister That Saved A 45 Year Old First-Time Entrepreneurship

I have been struggling. As a 45 year old first time entrepreneur, I find being on my own surprisingly difficult. I now truly know what “I am too old for this shit” feels like.  I didn’t realize how much I have gotten used to surviving and navigating in a workplace where the circumstances, context, and rules … Read moreA Brain Twister That Saved A 45 Year Old First-Time Entrepreneurship

Realization from Scaling Up, the 📚

I finished the Scaling Up book. It was very underwhelming. I figured out why. I was lucky I experienced most of what the book was explaining at Apple and Nike. I disliked many of the “scaled up” things, and so as I read through the Scaling Up book I could not stop thinking, “it takes … Read moreRealization from Scaling Up, the 📚

A Week To Remember.

Nov 21st to 27th, 2020. Winter Fair, where 400+ people showed up. I was in charge of pasta. Made two sauces, and they tasted good. I got to use the full size kitchen at the school. Everything was so much hotter! I felt useful. The school is coming alone, albeit all the challenges, albeit the … Read moreA Week To Remember.

✍🏻{Level: 99} Professional Skills✍🏻

In video games, {Level: 99} is the maximum level. When you reach {Level: 99}, your character has achieved the limits of the game. So what are “{Level: 99} professional skills” like? This is the kind of stuff I work on with my clients. Let’s start with {Level: 99} 🗣Discussion:🤔How did you feel after having a … Read more✍🏻{Level: 99} Professional Skills✍🏻

2 Uncommon Practices To Present Better

If you are the kind that enjoys mind-tricking yourself, you might find these presentation skill practices useful.  Olympian’s Secret  Michael Phelps was going for the 10th gold medal of his career in the 200-meter butterfly race during the Olympics in Beijing. As soon as he dove in, his goggles started filling with water.  “I dove … Read more2 Uncommon Practices To Present Better