Stuck at the airport again

Yes. Surprise! I am writing again! Wow! Oh yea! I am on my way back from SAMM again. Damn I only have time to update this blog while I am on the road.

I just ready my previous posts. They were gay. Ok, yes, this will become very lame next time I read it. Oh well. So what la.

I ought to write something down because of two things. 1, we are working towards one of our new goals, and 2, with Sharon and my mom’s support, I will be moving on.

I still dread the actual moment of bringing the news to the team. I guess I don’t know how much I want to explain, and I know I will have to explain, and I really don’t want to explain. I am bored with work. I am not motivated, and I am constantly frustrated. I often ask myself why I am here, and often times the answers are there. Not obvious, but they were there. However, recently I don’t really see them anymore. One might challenge me and say “you chickened out of the job and didn’t have the balls to face the challenges.” My motivations to get through anything are simple: I need to get fed, and I have to believe I am learning. If the challenges and obstacles will bring me those things at a certain balance, I am all for it. However, these days, I find it very hard to see why I should stick around. I have gone through the process of thinking about the different options that I might have, and in the end, they all pointed to the same thing.

Anyway, I shouldn’t say too much for now. Let’s see how it goes, and I am going back to facebook now.