From CSI, to, another CSI.

What happened since I last wrote? Gosh.

Went to Lanai with the China extended leadership team, had a blast.
Went to Rio, with the territory GMs, had a blast.
Our daughter, Sophia, was born. Everything went so smoothly that I still find it amazing that Sharon managed to pull this one off soooo flawlessly.
GCLT visit to Guangzhou. Yep. I think we were the best … wait, we still are the best.
I fired someone.

this is a bit crazy. I probably had the most eventful six months in my life. I am actually enjoying my role, and the team. I am not enjoying being away from my family, but the rest, so far, has been great. I mean, you can fire people at will, what’s there to complain about!? and we are starting to see some results from everything we have been doing so far. and for once, i think i can actually do things I want to do … or things that I think can make a bigger impact.

I will write again in maybe another 6 years. Weibo, facebook, foursquare … all those things have kind of taken your place in my life, mr. mingster.blogspot.