It Sucks To “Kind of” Know Your Values. Here is a simple mind exercise that will help. It’s like the plank, but for the brain: It’s simple to do, tough while doing it, and afterwards your core will be stronger, and we know that’s a good thing … We know if we experience and do things that align with what we care about … Read moreIt Sucks To “Kind of” Know Your Values.

3 Career Advice

1 hurt, 1 sucked, 1 surprised This year marks the 20th of my career. I spent time in consulting, and sportswear and consumer electronics brands. Along the way I received a fair share of advice, thanks to my tendency to attract them 🤷🏻‍♂️. Below are three that stuck: “I am letting you burn.” This is a … Read more3 Career Advice

Apple Said Women Should Work Twice As Hard

On Twitter Reddit etc some people complained that Apple made women work harder, that Apple was insensitive. I thought it would be good to go through some of the one time challenges, and compare. Some background information: On March 8th, the International women’s day, Apple came out with a workout challenge. Double your move goal, … Read moreApple Said Women Should Work Twice As Hard

Cash/Card-less Hell in Shanghai

“1st Class Chinese Citizens Only” Source: I was in Shanghai this week for a business trip. I have been told how advanced China has become when it comes to electronic and mobile payments. Wechat Pay, AliPay, etc have leapfrogged many other countries. You can pay using these services for almost everything: taxis, groceries, meals, … Read moreCash/Card-less Hell in Shanghai