Nintendo Labo Convinced Grown-Ups to Wear Card Boxes.

Screenshot of Nintendo Labo Review by c|net

If anyone claims that he or she was not surprised when Nintendo announced Labo, they are lying. Nintendo Labo looks stupidly and crazily fun. In case you are not aware what it is, check this video out:

These are about to launch, and finally more real life people are getting their hands onto these. Look at these boxes. Just look at them.

Screenshot of Nintendo Labo Review by c|net

Here is an real-life review:

When a brand decides to do something like this, I think we should be grateful. There is a brand stupid enough to take the risk and come up with something so unconventional and strange. It seems so much fun. It is always fascinating and heartwarming (or vindictive?) whenever Nintendo swings so wildy.

There will also be these “Toy-Con Garages” where kids (and any kids-at-heart adults) could create their own card box gadgets/inventions/creations/I-dont-know-what-to-call-them. So this thing could potentially really morph into something even stranger and bigger. #RedditRejoices

Oh yea, since these are made out of card boxes, you can paint draw put stickers whatever on them. Of course, they also sell these markers and pencils ….

Image from

They haven’t even started making official Mario and Pokemon stickers yet …

How on earth did they manage to convince themselves to do something so … radical? From the way the Labo kits leverage the IR sensors, the gyroscopes and vibrations on the Joy-Cons etc., the Labo was clearly a critical part of the conversation when they designed the Switch. It was not an after-thought. I wish there are ways to peek inside their discussions, and learn how Nintendo filters through their thoughts and discussions and swing so wildly and so often. I believe there are priceless lessons to be learnt.

I have had many gaming consoles in my life: Nintendo, PC-Engin, NeoGeo, Playstations, Xboxes … I can’t exactly figure out why Nintendo remains the only one that would make me feel so … nostalgic and happy. 😇

Adorable bugs that would crawl by coordinating the vibrations from the controllers. Images from





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