6 Words for the Next Decade

That might make our suffering slightly more bearable . Source: https://www.libertaddigital.com/internacional/mundo/2015-03-26/tatooine-el-planeta-de-star-wars-a-punto-de-caer-en-manos-del-estado-islamico-1276544142/ On the last day of this decade, I couldn’t help but to be lamely sentimental. The following six words are very trite but alas this is who I am. After all, I am the kind who believes in the force and adores Bambi. Confusion, Conflicts, … Read more6 Words for the Next Decade

Year 2019 in Podcasts

That messed up the trajectory of my life The Peter Attia Drive Podcast: “Sam Harris, Ph.D.: The transformative power of mindfulness” https://peterattiamd.com/samharris/ https://peterattiamd.com/samharris/ This particular podcast opened my eyes to Buddhism and meditation. It was one of those mysterious moments that things somehow just clicked. Since then, I was able to stick to a regular meditation routine, … Read moreYear 2019 in Podcasts

How Do I Want To Feel in 2020?

“Like this?” (https://tw.manhuagui.com/comic/2592/450147.html#p=113) I did it. In 2019, I quit my 20+ year-long corporate career and started to be on my own. I did it. In 2019, I went to a 10-day meditation retreat. I did it. I achieved my 2019 goal- I did it. Hence in 2019 life has taken a few turns and … Read moreHow Do I Want To Feel in 2020?

2019- How I Turned into a woo-woo Chia Seeds Munching Luddite.

2019 is setting. A few personal “Yearly Awards” to summarise 2019: Prelude:Person of the YearNew Habit of the YearTrashed Habit of the YearBook of the Year Epilogue:Mistake of the YearQuote of the YearWord of the YearInteraction of the Year PRELUDE: Persons of the Year: Tim Ferriss and Krista Tippett It is hard for me to say … Read more2019- How I Turned into a woo-woo Chia Seeds Munching Luddite.

Can Humility Be Worked On? Yes, Kind of.

“The Value of Not Knowing.” https://www.flickr.com/photos/n0r/276318217/in/album-72157594467105582/ Being genuinely humble is such a common challenge. I see that especially in highly capable founders and managers that I get to work with. I tried to be humble too because humility was such a sparkly clean and powerful virtue: A humble leader liberates the team by personally welcoming … Read moreCan Humility Be Worked On? Yes, Kind of.