Routine – August, 2020

Context: COVID-19. School paused for a while. I have no job. EW demands nothing from me. Working to become a better writer. Trying to promote my business. Bouts with eating disorder, anxiety, depression. Elements of my routine were results of these bouts. I. weigh 63 KG, the heaviest in 10 years. Can’t fit into most of my pants and shorts.

Alternating Weekday Routines

Wake up at 430-500am.

Workout at home or at the gym (Gym has been shut down because of COVID-19) for 1.5 hours, including commute.

630-700: Shower. Meditate for 20 mins.


Meditate for 40 minutes.

700- whenever kids wake up: Make small breakfast, Coffee. Read Newsletter.


540- Whenever kids wake up: Make small breakfast, coffee, read newsletter. Read book, write on notebook.

800-900: Spend time with wife and kids in bed.

900-930: commmute to coffee shop (right now Starbucks at Admiralty)

930-1200: Write, work on websites/social media. Write-ups for EW.

1200-100: Lunch, wandering.

Afternoons are a mixed bag of calls, binge eating, struggles.

500-730: Cook and eat dinner (on Wednesday, date night with Sharon)

730-930/1000: Play with kids, shower Chai, watch some Ghibli videos, shower, bed time.


One of the two Wake up routine per above.

900-1200: either Therapy session, or play with kids at home.

1200-200: Lunch routine at Lan Fong Yuen / Sometimes Salad place for me.

200-530: Afternoon activities- bread making, baking. Sometimes shopping.

530-830: Dinner at moms.

830-930: Either go home, evening routine, or take them to Ho King.


If they are around.

One of the two Wake up routine per above.

900-1200: Play with them at home. Go to swim is pool is open.

1200-200: Brunch at Bizou.

200-600: Pushing chai around, cooking, bread making, Sharon gets pampered.

600-830: Sometimes eat out. Play with them.

830-930: Whine down, shower, etc.


Breakfast- Leftover Soup + chopped vegetables + egg OR Stir fried chopped vegetables + fried egg. Coffee.

Lunch- salad at Tallore 95% of the time. Sometimes vegetarian place in CWB wet market.

Dinner- cook at home.


At Gym:

18 minutes of HIIT

9 minutes of Abs.

30 minutes of: legs, one muscle group (chest, shoulders, back)

At Home:

3 rounds of 18 minutes body weight HIIT

9 minutes of abs.

15 minutes of 3 rounds of 3x 15 variations of push ups->abs->leg routine