A 100% Engagement Guaranteed Social Media Tactic You Need To Know

Post an Apple rumour.

That’s what happening here👇🏼.

A car selling site created a rendering of a car. They claimed they have used “genuine patents” from Apple to create the car. Hence readers should think the imagination was the most legit yet.

I could not help it and spent 13.4 minutes on its site and drilled into it. What I have found is disappointing and infuriating.

Without further ado, here are the “genuine patents” the site used to create the Apple car:

  • JP2020173835A, “Intelligent automated assistant” Filed in 2012, in Japan, detailing how a voice assistant worked. Yes. The patent was for a voice assistant like Siri. It mentioned nothing about a car.
  • EP2581248B1, “Reconfigurable vehicle instrument panels” Filed in Europe, in 2004, the generation where the iPhone and touch screen technologies did not exist, and the patent was for a “touch-sensitive instrument panels.”
  • #US10384519B1 & #US10309132B1
    Filed in 2016-17, in the US, describing the structure of a sliding door structure.

In short, none of these patents informed the rendering. In fact, their car did not include a sliding door, which was the only discernible physical feature from these 4 patents.

We adopted a dog. One thing I relearned from her was classical conditioning. You do a certain something, she reacts a certain way. I make her lunch, ring a bell, watch her drool, feed her lunch.

Soon, I ring bell -> she drools.

So this is basically what’s happening here:

Post some Apple rumor -> ragging engagement ensues.





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