Delft, The Netherlands

The Colors of Modernity: Delft, Amsterdam, Nice

We just finished our trip to the Netherlands, where we stayed in Amsterdam and Delft. The country was a great blend of history, modernity, civility, and intuitiveness.

The cities, often wreathed in damped cannabis smoke, were aged, clean, and well-organized. Most places, including the open air weekend markets, accepted Apple Pay. The transportation system, with bilingual signs and announcements, was easy to navigate. The museums were well-curated and considered. 

Streets were filled with electric bikes and electric cars. Restaurants and supermarkets offered ample alternatives to fit dietary needs. Even the public bathrooms were clean!

People we encountered were multilingual, friendly, patient, and willing to help us navigate through the cities. We enjoyed the food, from fries cooked in greasy oil to apples and bacon wrapped in thin, gluten-free pancakes. 

And now, we are in Nice, and … let’s just say it’s different, and it serves as a reminder of how diverse the world truly is. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ




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