side view of Tesla's cybertruck

Truck 2.0

Setting aside your feelings about Musk and the looks of the Cybertruck, this truck seems to be truly revolutionary. The Cybertruck is the real Truck 2.0.

“The Ford F-150 Lightning is a genuinely great vehicle, but it’s nothing more than an electric take on a 70-year-old design.

The R1T is one step ahead. What Rivian did was take the conventional pickup truck shape, and then make it to the best of modern standards. It’s a brilliant piece of engineering.

Tesler went one step further. They threw out the conventional pickup truck design, but then started from scratch with chassis construction, the unpainted stainless steel, the steer-by-wire, the 48-volt electrical system.

It’s all from scratch. It’s all brand new, and it’s all better. [From an engineering perspective.]

It really is Truck 2.0″ – Jason Cammisa @ Hagerty

Yes. It’s the fastest truck, it’s the most powerful truck, but there is a lot more that makes this ground breaking.

Let’s talk a bit more about some of the innovations that no other cars (cars, not just trucks) have yet achieved:

  1. 800-Volt Electrical System: The cybertruck is the first truck to use an 800-volt system, which means it can charge really fast, saving time. It also makes the truck more efficient and able to go further on a single charge because it uses energy better and has lighter wires. Plus, this system makes the truck perform better, like speeding up quickly, and it’s ready for future tech upgrades.
  2. 48-Volt System: The Cybertruck quadrupled the low voltage side to 48 volts, a first in the automotive industry. Switching to a 48-volt system in cars means they can have more powerful features without needing big, heavy wires. This change makes cars use less fuel and pollute less, especially in hybrids, because it helps the engine run more efficiently. Plus, it’s a cheaper and easier way for car makers to add new tech to cars, saving space and making them lighter.
  3. Steer-by-Wire Technology: First production car to implement steer-by-wire without a physical backup. This technology enables the gigantic Cybertruck to maneuver like a small and nimble car.


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