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  • 2021å¹´ 香港 最有未來歷史價值之字

    「#曲」 「#曲」是恆久忍耐,又是勇氣。 「#曲」是不偷生,不老廢,不無謀,不沮喪。 「#曲」是#JMGGJ;「#曲」是#WAGMI。 「#曲」是一種技能:一種活下去的技能。

  • Year 2021 In Random Moments

    This is the final piece to wrap up 2021- a selection of moments that defined the year: The Bandwagon of 2021 The Change of 2021 The Shittiest Shit I Said I Wouldn’t Do But Did Anyway in 2021 The Most Sudden End of 2021 The Most Shamelessly Proud Moment in 2021 The Best Investment in […]

  • Year 2021 in Books

    Some Stats: 26 books 18 Audiobooks 6 Kindle books 2 physical books 27% of them written/co-written by female authors 3 Fictions (the last fiction I read was probably Harry Potter …… ) 2x: The speed I listened to audiobooks Now, onto the books: 👾 Understanding Comics By Scott McCloud 💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️ I love the book. It’s […]

  • How to Be Responsible – Ray Dalio’s New Book

    Ray Dalio’s new book, “The Changing World Order,” is coming out soon. He made a few chapters available for public viewing. I never liked his writing style but the content was great. In 2021, I want to feel that “I am being responsible” more often. Reading those few chapters of Dalio’s book gave me new […]

  • Starting 2021

    2021 are just 4 integers, but 4 powerful ones, especially at this moment in time. So let them be powerful.  How do you start your day? Some make their bed so then they know, at the minimum, they have accomplished 1 thing. Some meditate, some read, some doom scroll in the bathroom. (🙋🏻‍♂️) We can […]

  • How Do I Want to Feel in 2021?

    In 2020, I wanted to be in the moment more. Turns out that was the appropriate goal. There were many changes and uncertainties in 2020, from COVID to the future of our school to my mental health to my work. I am glad I chose to that goal. It was exactly how I needed to […]