Tag: Awareness

  • Look Closely

    Air pauses and light stallsSoftest and quietest partsecho through my soul

  • Starting 2021

    2021 are just 4 integers, but 4 powerful ones, especially at this moment in time. So let them be powerful.  How do you start your day? Some make their bed so then they know, at the minimum, they have accomplished 1 thing. Some meditate, some read, some doom scroll in the bathroom. (🙋🏻‍♂️) We can…

  • I Tried To Fix My Sink and Failed

    Sharon took the kids to the in-laws and I had the morning to myself. I had plans- clean up the study, improve the wifi, re-organize the store room, fold laundry, etc. Then I saw the sink was stuck. I decided to tackle it. I took the trap off, removed the gunk, but I could not…