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  • I love you too!

    after defeating Venus Williams, Li Na failed to make it to the final round. That’s too bad, but she was also very adorable. Oh no. What am I going to do?

  • Huge Crush

    They had a great run. They are so adorable. Sniff.

  • 9.69

    This guy is crazy. Bolt. He just won the men’s 100 meters. He broke the world record, and he started celebrating way before he crossed the finishline. He could have broken the world record by even more …. Domination.

  • YAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    59-55! China Beat Germany!!!! Yao was great, as usual, and Yi made a huge shot in the end. Oh, Sun Yue made 3 ridiculous blocks. YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  • Beach Volleyball is just fantastic.

  • We did it!


  • Wear the right gear.

    8月13日,刘春红打破女子69公斤级世界纪录,夺得冠军 She actually broke the world record 5 times in the event. Nike sponsors the Chinese Weight lifting team. But then, most of the players did not wear our shoes. But … with the right shoes, 8月11日, 张湘祥在北京奥运会举重男子62公斤级决赛中以319公斤的总成绩获得金牌  no no he wasn’t crying. He was … praying/thanking whoever whatever! I couldn’t find a better pic!

  • 4xPE


  • Nike swims too.

    8月14日,刘子歌破在女子200米蝶泳决赛中打破世界纪录,夺得金牌 Nike sponsored the Chinese Swimming team… the hat definitely helped reduce drag dramatically. It is the best add-on one could ask for, especially if you already have the LZR super suit.