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  • More Unexpected Wins!

    Her name is 殷剑. What a name. She won the gold medal in the 帆板尼尔级比赛 event. A first for China. And she wore our split jacket. How nice. 🙂 Look at her arms!

  • Obscure and beautiful sports

    The Women’s Hockey team is actually into the finals!

  • World of Hurt

    爱比赛 爱拼上所有的尊严 爱把它在赢回来 爱付出一切 爱荣耀,爱挫折 爱运动,即使它伤了你的心 Just Do It.

  • Pow-no

    (Powell’s Flywire Aerofly Spike) We planned a bunch of “Golden Moment” attacks, and Powell was one of them. He finished … 5th? 6th? Oh well, an easy night for Rosanna and co., and the people in those little temp factories tonight…

  • More on Phelps

    cnnsi.com has the best frame-by-frame recap on Phelps’ miracle finish.

  • Medal Tally

    So who’s winning? China? USA? Well…. On espn.com, yahoo.com, cnnsi.com, they rank the tally base on total medal count. On bbc.com, sina.com.cn(all websites in china …), hk.yahoo.com, tw.yahoo.com, appledaily, they rank the tally base on the number of gold medals. hmm….

  • Black Tattoo?

    Notice that black stuff on Li Na’s thigh. What is that? I have seen many athletes wearing it … from basketball to beach volleyball … Here is the answer. 🙂 … and she is wearing our newest flywire + Lunarfoam tennis (Zoom Court Luna) shoe … available next spring 😛

  • Follow up

    (MY MEDAL!!!!) I wrote about this guy who wore the wrong brand. This is a follow up.

  • Primetime Drama # 2

    (from espn.com) “… BEIJING — Michael Phelps was in trouble. Big trouble. Churning desperately to the wall in the 100-meter butterfly Saturday, chasing Milorad Cavic and an historic seventh gold medal in these Olympics, Phelps was in that worst of all places for a butterflyer approaching the finish: No man’s land. (Phelps is on the…

  • “Yo, I am done here!”

    9.69. Started his celebration way before the finish line. What a beast.