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  • What Is Fun?

    Fun is when things are hard. Fun is the journey of figuring things out. Fun is tinkering. Fun is screwing up. Fun is getting back up. Fun is growing. Fun is winning. Fun is doing all of the above with fun people. Finally, fun is … Doing all these over, and over, and over, and over , and over, […]

  • Life’s nasty mud wrestling battles

    The single most persistent struggle during the past 20+ years of my corporate life, was the battle of time spent: How am I managing my time? Am I spending my time meaningfully? How can I find more time to spend to do X? Or frankly, more often than not, it was just this occasional and […]

  • Rock the Boat, or Strive for Balance?

    Source: BBC Earth A friend had an interview with an awesome automotive startup. He also has a young kid. His current role is supremely stable. This opportunity will require him to travel 80% of his time. Established brand versus start-up; 9–6 versus 24/7; Family versus work. What should he do? To expand a bit more, his […]