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  • Day 2 Without the Apple Watch

    Day 2 Without the Apple Watch

    My watch broke 2 days ago. I wore the watch since the moment it was launched in mid 2015. It’s been 6 years. I missed it at the gym. I used the “Intervals Pro” Watch app as a haptic timer for my HIIT workouts. It worked great because I would move among intervals by following […]

  • Facebook Eats Dog Food

    Facebook Eats Dog Food

    As the legend goes, every year the president of Kal Kan Pet Food would eat a can of the company’s dog food at the share-holders’ meeting. “Dogfooding” means using you own products/services, so you get to understand what it is like to be your customers. Facebook recently said it would permanently embrace remote work. “We’re […]

  • “Fear of the Unknown” is Imprecise

    Change is hard because it leads to failures. And failures are scary. 99% of us already know this. 🥱 The Jack Mas and Ray Dalios give us reasons and tips to bear-hug fear, and then every protagonist of any “zero to hero” movies explains to us, “It’s the fear of the unknown!” Or is it? […]