Day 2 Without the Apple Watch

My watch broke 2 days ago. I wore the watch since the moment it was launched in mid 2015. It’s been 6 years.

I missed it at the gym. I used the “Intervals Pro” Watch app as a haptic timer for my HIIT workouts. It worked great because I would move among intervals by following taps on my wrist. I used the iPhone version of the app. It worked fine. I just had to turn the volume up.

I missed it when I did dictation. I used the Drafts watch app to dictate random thoughts and notes from audio content, such as podcasts and Audible books. I was able to do the same using the app’s widget on my phone. It worked just fine.

I missed unlocking my Mac and my iPhone with the watch. But Touch ID on the Mac worked well, and I have not gotten used to unlocking my iPhone with the Watch yet, so I was able to revert back to “pull-my-mask-down-and-unlock-phone” habit painlessly.

I used my phone to set timers. I only used timers while cooking. I didn’t miss timers on the watch.

I don’t miss the WhatsApp notifications. I need to observe this for a few more days.

I never checked my calories anymore. I knew I stood every hour so I never bothered to keep track.

So rationally, I really don’t need a watch.

Emotionally? I don’t know why I am still thinking about it.






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