Seeds of Sanity: 250 Days of Chaos in Hong Kong

Tales of compassion and normalcy. For 250+ days, Hong Kong has been tormented by the political turmoil and the coronavirus. We are still adjusting to this “new normal.” The driver demanded him to alight the bus. On a bus ride, an unmasked man was coughing. We crucified him with disdained looks and harsh criticism. I angrily … Read moreSeeds of Sanity: 250 Days of Chaos in Hong Kong

3 Career Advice

1 hurt, 1 sucked, 1 surprised This year marks the 20th of my career. I spent time in consulting, and sportswear and consumer electronics brands. Along the way I received a fair share of advice, thanks to my tendency to attract them 🤷🏻‍♂️. Below are three that stuck: “I am letting you burn.” This is a … Read more3 Career Advice