Seeds of Sanity: 250 Days of Chaos in Hong Kong

Tales of compassion and normalcy.

For 250+ days, Hong Kong has been tormented by the political turmoil and the coronavirus. We are still adjusting to this “new normal.”

The driver demanded him to alight the bus.

On a bus ride, an unmasked man was coughing. We crucified him with disdained looks and harsh criticism. I angrily reasoned with him. The driver demanded him to alight the bus. He remained defiant. A south Asian lady walked up to the man, handled him a mask and hand sanitiser. She steadfastly maintained her offers until he took them. This punctuated the air and the despise and hatred withered away. She guided us to overcome our primal impulses and self-righteousness with her instincts of compassion.

“When will I get to see my friends and have pizza?”

Schools and birthday parties were cancelled, and streets were desolated. My kid was anxious and concerned with these changes. “When will I get to see my friends and have pizza?” “It will be fine. Don’t worry.” I feebly answered. Her ballet school remained open. The teacher seemed reckless and was after the money. “I read that during wars, churches and bible studies would go on, partly because people wanted to have something that felt normal. I am keeping my school extra clean and stocking up on masks, so if anyone finds coming to their Saturday classes calming, we are ready for them.“ She said to us, “I need something to feel normal too, frankly.”





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