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  • Buzzer Beaters and Magic Mushrooms

    https://youtu.be/qQL12H8z6z4 ⛹🏾 “As a kid, you always have those 3, 2, 1 moments,” James said. “When you’re a kid and being able to have one of those moments, that’s what it kind of felt like. I felt like I was a kid all over again, just playing basketball inside my house with a makeshift hoop, […]

  • I Dislike Myself for Disliking LeBron James

    He is overhyped. His greatness has an *. He is a shxtty person. After LeBron’s ridiculous performance in the first 2 rounds of the NBA Playoff, it is (once again) clear to me my feelings of LeBron James should be: He is potentially the greatest of all time. He is highly influential. H is by […]