I Dislike Myself for Disliking LeBron James

He is overhyped. His greatness has an *. He is a shxtty person.

After LeBron’s ridiculous performance in the first 2 rounds of the NBA Playoff, it is (once again) clear to me my feelings of LeBron James should be:

  • He is potentially the greatest of all time.
  • He is highly influential.
  • H is by far the best in staying in such top mental and physical form season after season. Clearly no one comes close, maybe except Tom Brady (oh I dislike him too). Just read this: How LeBron Cheats Father Time.

  • He is thoughtful, strategic, and extremely sophisticated.
  • I can dislike him but I should genuinely recognize and accept the above points.

I just can’t. I still look for moments to write him off.

“Oh look he chokes. MJ would never choke like that.”

“Oh he is selfish, that’s why he will never be as great as Magic.”

“Oh he is not serious enough in how he talks and presents himself. Kobe is the real professional.”

“Oh look at the physical gifts he has been given!”

Why is this happening? Why can’t I embrace and dislike him? How come I am so irrational?

It is the way he presented himself back in highschool.

It is definitely because he chickened out and ganged up on the league when he fled to Miami.

It’s the Hummer.

And it is also god damn obvious it’s my own prejudice.

How do I break through this? I am not sure, but I am going to apply some of the #jedimindtricks to overcome this.

  1. Catch those Triggers: I am going to intentionally look for triggers of these close minded thoughts and catch myself everytime I read about and or watch him.
  2. Let go: I am going to, as Andy Puddicombe would say with the most sophisticated sounding British accent, “Let the thoughts come, don’t judge, and gently let them go.” ☁️☁️☁️
  3. Replace: I will replace those bad thoughts with something positive: LeBron is spoiled = Pineapple bread.
  4. Smile: Some say the actual physical act of an emotion would actually help you feel that emotion. Ok. I will smile when LeBron destroys humanity.

Gosh he just destroyed the Raptors. Arrgh. No. Wait.


You suck, LeBron.





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