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  • How Do I Want To Feel in 2020?

    “Like this?” (https://tw.manhuagui.com/comic/2592/450147.html#p=113) I did it. In 2019, I quit my 20+ year-long corporate career and started to be on my own. I did it. In 2019, I went to a 10-day meditation retreat. I did it. I achieved my 2019 goal- I did it. Hence in 2019 life has taken a few turns and […]

  • It’s Name is Lakitu

    Is suffering a must for real reckoning and growth in life? Tiger Woods was completely humiliated during his car tree wife debacle; Steve Jobs said getting fired by his own company was the best thing that had happened to him. It is very clear that these violent jolts in life, when embraced, are soul redefining. […]

  • Grouchy Musings of a Grump

    Grouchy Musings of a Grump

    Image Source: https://www.sharpshirter.com/blogs/news/10-grumpy-animals-having-a-worse-day-than-you As I wilt into old age, I have a few life goals left. One of them is “Don’t be grumpy”. Age brings knowledge; age also brings experiences. Wisdom forms when knowledge and experiences marinate. When wisdom meets impatience, which is the unwillingness to entertain with those who do not yet have the knowledge, […]

  • Life’s nasty mud wrestling battles

    The single most persistent struggle during the past 20+ years of my corporate life, was the battle of time spent: How am I managing my time? Am I spending my time meaningfully? How can I find more time to spend to do X? Or frankly, more often than not, it was just this occasional and […]