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  • A Momentous Day: 24th of February, 2022

    A Momentous Day: 24th of February, 2022

    Today, Russia invaded Ukraine. At the same time, Omicron is ravaging Hong Kong. Unlike previous waves, COVID feels so intimate this time around. There are people around me catching it. I have found myself stressed out, anxious and short tempered. On the positive side, I have been paying closer attention to myself. I have become […]

  • I Tried To Fix My Sink and Failed

    Sharon took the kids to the in-laws and I had the morning to myself. I had plans- clean up the study, improve the wifi, re-organize the store room, fold laundry, etc. Then I saw the sink was stuck. I decided to tackle it. I took the trap off, removed the gunk, but I could not […]

  • Like me, please 👍🏿

    source: https://cdn.psychologytoday.com A small incident that pushed me to wean off of social media. I posted something on LinkedIn this week. It was a image of an exciting upcoming event. What I didn’t realise, was this image was not official. The moment I posted it, I got a few likes, and also a bunch of […]