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  • Learning the Violin Again

    I am glad I have picked up the violin again. The experience is very different this time around. First, I am paying more attention in general. For example, I am paying attention to the tightness of the bow. It is shocking how I never paid attention to this. I never ever considered how the significance…

  • Ray Chen Reacting to TwoSets’ Sibelius

    Ray is handsome. Brett and Eddie were courageous to perform the piece. And then together they demonstrated the meaning of δΈ€ε±±ι‚„ζœ‰ζ„ε±±ι«˜ and orders of magnitude different. Listening the above section. 🀯 Adorable and amazing.

  • New Piano Teacher

    New Piano Teacher

    We are changing our daughter’s piano teacher. Our girl is 10. She can play a few songs. Nothing fancy. She doesn’t hate it. She doesn’t love practicing either. The chance for her to become a pro is zero. The new teacher asked her to play a song. Maybe 1/3 way through it, he asked her…