New Piano Teacher

We are changing our daughter’s piano teacher.

Our girl is 10. She can play a few songs. Nothing fancy. She doesn’t hate it. She doesn’t love practicing either.

The chance for her to become a pro is zero.

The new teacher asked her to play a song. Maybe 1/3 way through it, he asked her to stop. He took the book away, and asked her to play triads.

That was the whole lesson. F minor. B flat major. C major 7. What’s the different? Third finger! Watch your fifth finger!

Towards the end, he pulled out the Bach Prelude & Fugue No. 1 in C major and asked her to play. She gasped, “oh this one!”

I have shown and played the piece to her before. My wife, her, and I tried to play the Ave Maria version of the piece together. So many tadpoles cramped into the bars. It’s too hard!

After class, she said, “it was so easy. I just need to stretch my fingers.”

Harmonies are the mathematical expressions of the emotional reality.

This teacher is hired.





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