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  • Coping with COVID and The Disruptions in 2022

    Coping with COVID and The Disruptions in 2022

    Finally, I got COVID. The symptoms were mild- a bit of sore throat, tiny bit of headache after I got out of bed, a tiny bit of coughing. That was it. Maybe this was because I was triple-vaccinated? Or perhaps the variant that hit me was kinder. During this week, I paused exercising. I stayed […]

  • Morning After

    I fell ill- fever, sore throat, nasty cough. The feeling in the first morning of recovery is special. I feel weak but hopeful. I feel refreshed, and it’s a rare kind of refreshed. Perhaps it’s because I am slowly regaining smell, and so I am only smelling a fraction of all smells. These are strange […]

  • Break. Broken.

    I laid down the matStuck, staring at the lights, stuckBroken, thoroughly. Today I skipped my morning routine. I broke it. Or I am finally broken. My streak was probably … a couple of years long. The riddle I am trying to solve is, if I have to have breaks like this, or are there other […]