Month: January 1996

  • Today’s date:1/29/1996

    [Another one of my pre-historic blogs. wow this webpage thing must have felt like having a new girl friend or something. i was writing a lot!]Guess what, last night after I got back to my room, after my routine inspection of bagel[bagel was a host name in telnet. all hk-ers used to all log onto…

  • Today’s date:1/20/1996

    The 20th…..InfoCentre…..where are they… [what the hell was that? i can’t remember!] My original plan of creating a new homepage was destroyed by the degree of imagination of my fantasies. I was planning to make a page which was going to consist of my pictures mainly. Portraits of me the big man would form a…

  • Psych 101

    This was how I introduced myself to the cyberworld back in the 90s.