Today’s date:1/20/1996

The 20th…..InfoCentre…..where are they… [what the hell was that? i can’t remember!]

My original plan of creating a new homepage was destroyed by the degree of imagination of my fantasies. I was planning to make a page which was going to consist of my pictures mainly. Portraits of me the big man would form a circle and each of them was co nnected to my other pages. [hey, even a 5 years old can do that today!!] The main tone was going to be white, and I was planning to creat a more friendly environment instead of the current dead serious-Informative-lifeless-formal-business-advertisment-liked DaveFantasy [fucking hell. was i so gay? DaveFantasy?! those were the days when 100% of personal websites were a pathetic exhibition of self-interests….]….but then, if I am to start m aking this new land, I will be graduating with a html degree but with a 1.0 GPA plus 75 free electives. [thank god i didn’t end up with that. i managed to get the 1.0 GPA and 75 electives without the html degree…]

Vincent Lui is working on him new homepage. I hope he is going to make something that is going to shake everyone; something like an image map of his body and….haha…

Tonight we are all going to this annual, longed-without-expectation and the one of the only one event that is organised by the HKSA. We should be happy, coz it is going to be run by the SAME GOOD OLD DJs from the most wanted and famous (as they claim…)” Back in Black” , playing the all-time monotonic rock ‘n-no-time-for-slow and with the great Marie-anne hawkers’ shouts HO-HA dances….we are going to squeeze ourselves into the HUGE lines, arguing with the people at the shroff about the fact that we are members of the HKSA but infact we aren’t, in order to get this red-tag that we should be proud of as we are benefiting from the well-organised HKSA fruitful events….. [yea yea i hated dancing … at least not untill i realised the fantastic chemical results of alcohol and girls in discos and bars …]

I have signed down for the Ski Trip organised by the CCFC. This time I am going to get the right gear, and will try to make my first right turn without revisiting all these stunning 360 turns with poles and skis shooting away with the speed of100 miles pe r hour. I hope I won’t crash into any kids. Well, I should be proud of myself, coz I managed to give them a complete roundhouse kick and brought these little alpine racers down to the floor with out targeting them and in such a flash of a sec….I sometim es really enjoy doing that, coz everytime when I had my skiis and poles sitting on the hill top while I was lying flat mid-way down the slope with all my jeans and hands and underwears satiated with melting ice/water, they would gracefully come down the s lope, passing trees and bushes, found me, ran pass me, asking me if I was okay simutaneously, and carried on hopping left and right and up and down and disappeared at the edge of the slope…..without poles flying everywhere, and they really pissed me off . [jesus. i can’t stand this anymore. did this writing actually impress anyone!? oh god. my wife is going to divorce me when she reads this.]

Anyway, I have to go for supper [oh i still had the british English in me! how sexy!] now.