Today’s date:1/29/1996

[Another one of my pre-historic blogs. wow this webpage thing must have felt like having a new girl friend or something. i was writing a lot!]
Guess what, last night after I got back to my room, after my routine inspection of bagel[bagel was a host name in telnet. all hk-ers used to all log onto this host and hence we could send messages or talk to each other there. yep. pre-historic IRC/ICQ/SMS! i love telnet], I jumped into my bed….without paying any attention to my roomate.

It was about 4, I was dreaming about our SA meetings. Suddenly, I couldn’t distinguish whether it was from the dream or it was real, I heard some very…..very weak but yet robust female sound. I thought it was Ixx or Mxxxxx [Ivy and Maggie. two chicks from hk. er. i guess i was tryign to be funny.] from the dream….but then when I gathered my consciousness, I saw, in the dark, my roomate’s bed bumping up and down and to and fro vigorously. There were sounds of intense breathing, controlled but yet uncontrollable screams and cries. Then it was even more, I could see heads moving up, mouth sligthly opened with deep air inhaling and exhaling, the blanket slipped off, and I could see two meat worm attached together at the bottom, shaking and banging…but with some sort of hurry-up-gotta-go gestures….. and finally it was instant silence after the peak was summitted…. [i know this sounded sad but seriously i wasn’t jerking off in front of the 1996 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.oh cindy crawford was hot back then ….]

Now there are clothes everywhere. And I can vaguely see the bodies of them from the contuor of the blanket on his bed.

Well,it is better than watching porno [yes you so were you idot], and also it is as uncomfortable as being watched by all your favorite babes while you are taking a big shit with playboy in one hand and picking your nose with the other….

Damn it. I am so tired now….even though I was not the main character….